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Pastor Gerald Kiner stood with GM strikers and union members Glinderious Lewis , President of the UAW Union and Bran Endebrestson in 98 degree heat Wednesday to show his support for their strike against GM. Kiner who is the only District 8 Position 3 candidate in support of the $15.00 an hour livable wage in Memphis affirmed he is “not afraid to fight to transfer the money of billionaires to the workeraires.”

Gerald Kiner Stands Side By Side With Striking Union Workers While Martavious Jones Nowhere In Sight

Glinderious Lewis  declared “ they trying to get the electric car built somewhere else after we have bent over backwards for this company. Our CEO makes over $22,000,000 a year. I been here for 35 years and I make $30.06 an hour. A GM employee should make more than that, for how big this company is we should make more than that. Pensions went away in 2009. I want to see pensions brought back.” Bran Endebrestson lamented “ I been here 7 and a half years and they work the crap out of these folks. I worked here as a temp for two years with no benefits. I want to see them keep our health care, take care of the temps, have a better work environment and treat people fair. They even trying to take away our 401 from us and that’s not right.”

Kiner promised to use his influence to bring attention to the cries of the union workers and to use his heart to fight for the cries of all underpaid Memphis workers.  He seems to be making good on his now famous campaign slogan “ MAKE MEMPHIS FINER VOTE FOR PASTOR GERALD KINER”.