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On Aug 26,19 at the The Crosstown CDC political forum event which invited city council candidates to elaborate on their platforms two rival District 8 Position 3 candidates gave the crowd a chance to see them in person sitting next to each other. Martavious Jones seems to have embarrassed himself by saying he was against the $15 per hour livable wage which is gaining fast approval across the county. Jones instead said he prefers the few scattered jobs that pay $80,000. Critics of Martavius Jones say that is because he is a financial advisor and he has proven he only cares about the $80,000 a year jobs because that’s the potential clientele he can use to grow his business.

However, Pastor Kiner declared “Why can’t we have both. What Martavious Jones is saying is like an elitist saying , I’m against water for the people, I’m only for serving Dom Perignon. Why can’t we seek a $15 per hour minimum wage increase for the masses and recruit high paying $80,000 a year jobs for the more educationally advanced job seekers? Pastor Kiner declared , “ it’s not the $80,000 a year job candidate that’s out robbing people because they can’t feed their families. Over 95% of violent street crimes are done by the minimum wage level individual who feel trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.”

It was clear Martavius Jones lost this battle when the crowd clearly and overwhelmingly supported Pastor Kiner’s point of view. Even as Pastor Kiner walked out, many from the audience surrounded him and began asking him for his contact information. Kiner’s platform was definitely a hit with the voters at the forum. Being an elitist is a tough sell in a blue-collar city desperate for more jobs to satisfy its 27,000 unemployed workforce.