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This is the week the Shelby County Observer will make  its endorsements and in the District 8 Position 3 race, it was a no brainer. Pastor Gerald Kiner is clearly the best candidate. Here’s how Martavious Jones hurt himself and how Pastor Gerald Kiner helped himself. 

How Martavious Jones Hurt Himself 
#1 By destroying the Memphis City Schools. This is his unforgettable sin. Segregation has gotten worse in Memphis and Shelby County because of his decision. 
#2 By voting for a Memphis Light Gas & Water rate increase during a time when Memphians are already hurt by high energy bills. He totally rejected the cries of the people begging him not to do so. #3 By voting for the city council to have three term limits instead of the current two. Then he basically lost all credibility by trying to deceive the people by saying ” I need 12 years to learn the job.” President Obama only got 8 years in office yet Martavious Jones feels he needs 12 years to learn the job. This implies he is not fit for another 4 years because he has not learned anything anyway. And his voting record clearly shows he has not learned how to take care of the people. 
#4 By giving his personal friend at Life Line To Success  $400,000 the past two years in tax payer funds via city grants while giving $0 to fund Sky Cops in high crime areas which only cost $2500 – $5500. #5 By standing by and doing nothing but watch the opioid epidemic ravage Memphis while voting to give organizations that fight opioids $0 in grant funds. #6 By being a no show at the Commercial Appeal candidate form unwilling to face Pastor Gerald Kiner there to discuss/ debate the issues.
#7 By going against the citizens of Memphis and endorsing the $40K the incumbents voted for to fund their campaign from public funds. How he thought voting for a measure that would be self-serving would not come back to haunt him shows a severe lack of foresight. 

How Pastor Gerald Kiner Helped Himself 
#1 By having the opposite view of Martavious Jones on ALl of the 7 items above.
#2 By clearly  winning every public forum he has attended against the other district 8 position 3 candidates 
#3 By being a businessman who has added millions of dollars to the Memphis economy and hundreds of jobs.
#4 By being active in local education by having his own college – William & Johnson Career College 
#5 By helping local youth avoid a life of crime  through his own mentor program – It Takes A Village To Raise A Child
#6 By being the only candidate to bring exposure to the opioid epidemic and creating a coalition to help fight it. 
#7 By not being afraid to speak out against corruption within the Memphis City Council 

His famous campaign slogan has merit: Make Memphis Finer and vote – Pastor Gerald Kiner